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“After living in san pedro few years, I moved to peacefull Cayo, where I enjoy village life and paints those scenes.

I travel all over Belize, introducing my arts and people who meet me and my paintings, love for ” Belizean care free living “that is the essence of the painting¬†‘

Walter Castillo is a self taught artist who grew up in San Pedro.

Early in his teens, he started traveling Belize and mingling with people from many different cultures ; Mayas, East Indians, Creole and Garinagu with which he lived from 13 to 17 years old.

His use of vibrant colours and people so full of life spring up from his painting. He gets his positive energy from nature, music, animals, and friends and passes the energy thru the paintings to those who come accross them.

He had his 1st. successful exhibition in England in 1990, where he met a lot of people that loved and appreciated his work. from then on, his pass as international artist started.

Why choose us