I paint my dream where I want to live

Walter Castillo was born in Nicaragua in 1971. As a child his parents sent him out of the country to save him from the war and at the age of 10 years he arrived in the beautiful country of Belize. As a child he has always liked painting and travelling and dreamt one day to become an artist.

He started painting in his free time for fun, designing scenarios from his mind based on the picturesque surroundings of Belize.  It seemed that universal law has already set his path as an artist.

Early in his teens, he started travelling in Belize and mingling with people from many different cultures: Mayas, East Indians, Creole and Garinagu with which he lived from 13 to 17 years old. These vibrant, happy and beautiful people tough him to understand, see, listen and, most of all, love nature.

He also learnt from them that negative and positive energy can be channeled and transferred to human beings and to the planet itself. All this knowledge woke up in him a need for self-expression through painting and drumming.